Who We Are And What We Stand For

Let's get to know each other

Let's get to know each other

In Hvar - the heart of the island, the pearl of Dalmatian islands, 10 minutes away from the center of the old city and five minutes on foot from the beach, there is boutique family hotel – Art Deco Pape – with suites and rooms decorated in the art deco style where Mrs. Ivana Softić, Ms. Mare Softić Runje, Mr. Andreas Softić and Mr. Ivica Runje will be pleased to welcome you. Art Deco Pape is located in a sunny and peaceful area with a view over the sea, old and new parts of the city,  and two magnificent fortresses. Around the boutique hotel, there are gorgeous gardens, large terraces, and there is also a private parking zone in front of the house for our guests. Near the hotel are many popular beaches, bars, and markets. The 3 suites and 2 rooms are up-to-date, stylishly renovated and redecorated in March 2019,  and restyled in May 2020 and April of 2021.

With their distinctive color and style, they are telling you their own unique story and making your stay comfortable with its charm. This charm lies in the combination of the old - the view over the Medieval city - and the new - modern high-quality interior, and shows you the present in a picturesque way.

Our basic guiding principle from the start of our business is the satisfaction of each of our guests.

Having this in mind, we look forward to embracing new experiences, challenges, and share moments in which we can jointly re-discover the magical beauty of this city.

Share unforgettable moments with us and visit us this 2022.

Discover Hvar. Share the Moment.

Art Deco Pape Team

Art Deco Pape Hvar - Why Choose Us ?

Fabulous boutique hotel has staff as its best feature

At the Art Deco Pape, a certain mindset prevails. Our team has a true commitment and passion to look after all our guests with the greatest care. We want our guests to have an experience second to none. The Art Deco Pape team is proud to be part of it because leaving Hvar, our goal is to keep the most valuable and memorable experiences and moments in Hvar permanently recorded.

Art Deco Pape's Advanced Cleanliness and Safety Protocol

Art Deco Pape has always strived to create the best experience for you as our guests. Now, more than ever, we’re taking that to heart with our Advanced  Safety and Cleanliness Protocol. For the wellbeing of our guests, staff and locals, our promise is to put our passion and energy into notebly increasing the standards of cleanliness at Art Deco Pape by using hospital-grade cleaning products,gloves and masks, and other equipment to ensure guest and employee health and safety, a vacancy of 24 hours between guests stays in room, and following the strictest regulatory guidlines concerning safety. We adhere the Croatian Tourism Association (HUT - Croatia), Safe Travels (WTTC - Global), and COVID-19 Guidelines (CDC).

Truly Authentic

When staying at a large hotel chain in Hvar , you will notice that the accommodations are the same across the board: the same limp pillows, light blankets and lumpy mattresses. When staying at a big chain hotel with several rooms and guests to serve, you’re one in a few hundred at a time and you won’t receive the personalized attention you’re looking for. Our hotel is smaller, with fewer rooms and spaces, so each guest feels taken care of and has a unique, positive experience. At Art Deco Pape, suites and roooms are much more unique in layout and size, each with a different vibe and theme. This way, you can inquire with staff when needed and know that anything you need will be available without a wait.

Hvar's FIrst LGBTQ+ Friendly Hotel


We are the first private LGBTQ+ friendly hotel in Hvar and have been supporting the LGBTQ+ rights movement for many years now. Art Deco Pape presents a contemporary blend of Mediterranean diversity, southern human hospitality, and unique style and comfort.We are proud to be part of the movement of freedom, equality and love, and we cultivate our fundamental values of inclusion, respect and care into every field and activity of our business. 

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