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Art Deco Pape’s COVID-19 Statement
17 Dec

Art Deco Pape’s COVID-19 Statement

Faced with one of the most difficult challenges in the history of mankind, namely the COVID-19 virus, the power of the human spirit has once again manifested itself, and in today’s globalized world of interactivity and multimedia, we have managed to preserve a good deal of communication with our loved ones mainly through the channels of social media. All humanity is united in fear, hope, and anticipation.

Greta Thunberg's voice screamed from the depths of the Earth's soul.
The fragile, disturbed, impoverished human-degraded planet Earth, that revolts itself and builds a shield to replenish its resources, and sometimes warns people of the inhumanity of their actions.
Croatia is one of the world's first countries to recover from COVID-19 with an extremely low mortality rate caused by a coronavirus (data taken from early summer 2020.)

ART DECO PAPE adheres to high standards in the preparation and serving of food prepared from the highest quality ingredients, as well as at the highest level of hygiene. We follow the guidelines set by the Croatian board of tourism as of the World and European standards for the tourism industry in proper safety measures and disinfection.

Suites and rooms are thoroughly cleaned with strong anti-virus products from renowned Croatian manufacturers (Lab Pro Saponia and HandySept Pro).

All your toiletries come in individually set packages.

Linens are washed at very high temperatures (90 C) so there is a small risk that bacteria or virus particles can survive.

Check-in and check-out can be arranged completely contactless.

In all public areas and in all rooms and suites are hand disinfectants.

Now, 2020. is at its end. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a lucky and healthy New Year 2021!

We wish to welcome you to the next, 2021. summer, and if you like to come to Hvar, the Art Deco Pape team is here to make your summer 2021. Absolutely Sensational !

ART DECO PAPE team / Yours completely

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